Event VIP evening on may 9th for the official launch of our pineapple soda

The Great Jamaican family is getting bigger yet again!

Following the success of our Spicy Ginger Beer for several years now and the excitement of our Bitter Lemon soda last year - reviving the '90s gin bitter' trend - we've been working to offer consumers a unique and brand-worthy flavor; a spicy pineapple soda.

This new The Great Jamaican soda offers something completely different, combining an exceptional aroma with an exotic finish. This third flavor is already attracting a lot of attention from restaurateurs, bartenders and consumers who have had the chance to taste it.

For the official launch of May 9th, we promise a colorful evening and many surprises to our 400 guests, gathering owners and managers of grocery stores, restaurant and bar owners, bartenders, mixologists, influencers, local media and other friends of Pirate Jake.

The mixologist and Ungava brand ambassador, Gizmo Sirois, will host mixology workshops and explain how to use the spicy pineapple soda in different cocktails. The Kitchen Gallery Restaurant has created a personalized menu for the event, based on Jamaican and tropical flavors, including appetizers based on our spicy pineapple soda.

The whole team of The Great Jamaican is looking forward to welcoming its VIP guests.


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